Can foreign non-residents buy real estate in Japan?

Yes, they can. There are no restrictions for foreign non-residents to purchase real estate in Japan.

Is the land in Niseko free hold title?

Yes, land is free hold title, with the exception of some areas around the Annupuri ski field.

How are property taxes levied?

Fixed asset taxes are levied once a year based on the size and construction of your property or land. Kutchan town council is responsible for calculating the amount of the tax. This tax is calculated based on a 365 day year. When purchasing a property, initial fixed asset tax will be calculated from the date of settlement until December 31st of the same year.

Please Note: If you do not reside in Japan, you are required to have a ‘tax manager’ to coordinate the payment of fixed asset tax. West Canada Properties can assist in appointing a ‘tax manager’ if so required.

Is it possible for foreign non-residents to obtain financing through a Japanese bank?

In general, it is extremely difficult for foreigners to obtain financing through a Japanese bank. At a minimum, permanent residency status and collateral (in Japan) is needed for your application to be considered.

Are there any building restrictions in Niseko?

The following building restrictions are in place for Hirafu Village (under the jurisdiction of Kutchan Town):

The Center Village area (Upper Hirafu Village and along Route 343):
Building footprint: 40%
Coverage ratio: 300%
Building height: 22m max

The Pension Village area (Middle and Lower Hirafu Village):
Building footprint: 50%
Coverage ratio: 200%
Building height: 13m max.

In addition to the above, building setbacks are in place. These will vary according to the size of your building as well as the adjoining road.

For full details on building restrictions, including restrictions for areas outside of Hirafu Village, please contact us.

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